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To the attention of those who would like to donate from abroad!

How are the needs of orphans met?

There are several methods we developed to enable IHH to maintain its work with orphans. These are: The Orphan Sponsorship System. With this system, an individual, family, organization, friend group, class or school can sponsor an orphan; by donating 100TL a month we can meet the education, health, food, clothing and shelter needs of the sponsored orphan. With this system, 87.979 orphans in 52 countries get the opportunity to survive. Project Sponsorship: Project based works such as building or repairs on orphanages, homes, health centers; purchasing education materials and providing health services can be carried out with the sponsorship of individuals, organizations and institutes. Those who want to be a project sponsor can donate for the building of an orphanage; but can also donate to equipping a dormitory, a library, kitchen or any other room in an orphanage. Apart from the Orphan Sponsorship System and Project Sponsorship, all of the donations made to orphans are assessed in the Orphan Aid Pool. Donations collected in this pool are used in projects such as the repairs of orphanages, building/equipping a library or dormitory, health services, organizing social activities for orphans and purchasing clothing for the orphans at eid.