1,000 tons of flour sent to Syrian people
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation and UK-based aid organization Human Appeal have sent another 1,000-ton of flour to Syria.
Middle East, Syria, Turkey 06.05.2013

Speaking at a ceremony before the departure of an aid convoy at Cilvegözü Border Gate in Hatay’sReyhanlı district, IHH’s vice president Hasan Aynacı said they are trying to reach out to every part of Syria.

He said IHH will continue to take aid to Syrian people who have serious problems due to lack of sufficient food, adding that the 1,000 tons of flour will be delivered to the people in need in Syria.

Aynacı added that 1,000-ton of flour which was bought as a result of an aid campaign launched by Human Appeal in the UK, will be taken to the Syrians in the buffer zone by a 40-truck convoy that will depart from Cilvegözü Border Gate.

Talking about the negative effects of the ongoing humanitarian tragedy in Syria on the Syrian people, Aynacı said IHH will continue to deliver relief to those people who need food and are in a miserable condition.

Human Appeal CEO Othman Moqbel, for his part, said tyranny in Syria continues, so they are making efforts to help the desperate people of the country.

Mayor of Meram district in Konya Dr. Serdar Kalaycı, who was among the participants of the ceremony, said Turkey will take care of the Syrians who have taken refuge in the country.

Following the speeches, the 40-truck convoy carrying relief items departed from Cilvegözü Border Gate to go to Syria.

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