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4th OICHF Meeting Held in Istanbul

IHH hosted the 4th Joint Meeting of Organization of Islamic Cooperation Organizations Executive Board and board of trustees in Istanbul.
20.05.2017 Human Rights , Istanbul

IHH Humanitarian Relief Organization cooperates with various organizations in an effort to deliver the necessary relief aid to the victims of disasters, and wars, oppressed and persecuted people and to make sure that these people’s rights and freedoms are not violated.

As a new collaboration in this regard, IHH hosted Organization of Islamic Cooperation Humanitarian Relief Fund (OICHF) and 4th Joint Meeting of Organization of Islamic Cooperation Organizations Executive Board and board of trustees. In addition to representative from many organizations IHH President Bülent Yıldırım and OICHF Head Abdulaziz bin Abdurahman Al Sani attended the meeting held in Istanbul.


“We have Many Problems Ahead”

In his speech IHH President Bülent Yıldırım said that they are happy to host the participants in Istanbul and the most direly needed thing in the Islamic world is to form collaborations in each field of expertise. He continued by saying:

“We have many problems ahead. It seems like the crises will get grow and the wars will get bigger. Women and children are in need. Unfortunately poverty and conflicts have increased. We are obliged to alleviate the suffering that is created the by war. We have to use our resources efficiently. Therefore I am happy to be present in this meeting.

Inshallah, as far as our relief efforts are concerned we will be able to remove financial problems and keep working to get better results. We have just returned from the opening ceremony of Children’s Village located in Antioch. When I looked into the eyes of those orphans I have told myself that our efforts were not enough. Hence I hope this meeting brings out more results.”

During his closing remarks of the meeting Yıldırım said, “I was missing strategic topics in speeches in the Islamic World. Here, all participants here summed up their own experience in 3-5 min. speeches. Our meeting brought hope and brings more goodness hopefully,”  and thanked everyone.


“We Worked Together in Sudan, Somalia and Syria”

Organization of Islamic Conference Humanitarian Relief Fund (OICHF) Head Abdulaziz bin Abdurahman Al Sani said “We had signed a logistics agreement with IHH a while ago. In this regard we have carried out our relief efforts in Sudan and Somalia in Africa and in Syria through IHH. I would like to congratulate them on their successful relief projects and activities” he said. 


Appreciation Awards for Two Institutions

IHH President Bülent Yıldırım presented Yusuf El-Hazim from Al Anood El-Hayriyye an appreciation award while OICHF Head Abdulaziz bin Abdurahman Al Sani presented an award to Munib El-Mısri from Jerusalem Funds Waqf for their efforts.


Four-Article Agreement  

Recently IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation and Organization of Islamic Cooperation Humanitarian Relief Fund (OICHF) signed an agreement of collaboration, which included four articles a follows;

  • A Humanitarian Relief Agency shall be established.
  • Humanitarian Relief College shall be established for specializing in humanitarian relief activities
  • Joint orphan-care projects shall be carried out in OIC member countries
  • Cooperation in humanitarian diplomacy

Human Rights Kategorisine Son Eklenen Haberler

Thousands of People Took the Streets for Palestine
Pro-Jerusalem Muslims from all around the country convened at the squares of the city in order not to remain silent about Zionists’ and imperialists’ plans on Al-Quds. The merging point of the protesters in Istanbul was Fatih Mosque.
Raise Your Voice for Masjid Aqsa!
The statement of 55 Islamic scholars, academics prepared in conjunction with Eyup Meetings were released in a press meeting participated by IHH president as well. The statement asserted that Masjid Aqsa’s occupation was totally unacceptable.
Hit the Road to Srebrenica!
On 11th July, the anniversary of Srebrenica Genocide a motor biker team from Turkey organized by IHH will head to Bosnia in order to attend the memorial events commemorating this tragedy.


  • Assad Regime Hit Orphanage in Eastern Ghouta
    The orphanage of IHH and Zakat House Foundation of Kuwait attacked by Assad regime planes. A child died and one of the teachers was injured.
  • Visit from Minister Kurtulmuş to IHH in Bangladesh
    Minister of Culture and Tourism Numan Kurtulmuş and his accompanying team visited the Coordination Center, which IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has opened in Bangladesh after the Arakan crisis, to get information about the work.
  • Hot Meals for the Oppressed in Gaza
    The Mavi Marmara Martyrs Soup Kitchen opened by IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation in 2016, continues to provide the food needs to the oppressed people in Gaza.
  • Winter Donation for the Orphans of Tunisia
    IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation delivered donations to 200 families who have orphans in regards to winter aid.
  • Aid for Aggrieved People of Libya
    IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has delivered aid as winter blankets to refugee camp where people of Tawergha residents who were forced to leave their home seven years ego.