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112 millions loaves of bread in 9 months

IHH distributed 112 million loaves of bread in 9 months to families in war-stricken in Syria.

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation is bringing relief to those in need who face difficulty in accessing bread through its bakeries established in Hatay, Kilis and other regions in Syria.

IHH Syrian Operations Media Representative Selim Tosun said bread in Syria is a vital part of life. Tosun added that the bread is produced with the flour supplied through the support of donors.

“There are more than 8 million people living on the threshold of starvation in Syria. These people who are suffering from war are finding it difficult even to access bread, one of the basic sources of nutrition. Everyday we are sending an average of 500 thousand loaves of Syrian bread baked in IHH bakeries to families in the refugee camps and six days a week to the central settlement are. In the first 9 months of this year, we have distributed 112 million loaves of bread to the various regions of Syria.”


“We are fulfilling an important need of the families who are victims of war living in the region. This bread that we distribute for free is produced according to the bread the people here are accustomed to and is packaged in a way so it will stay fresh for three days.”


IHH has been carrying out humanitarian aid operations including bread production and distribution in the region since the domestic war in Syria began in 2011.

Latest News from Humanitarian Relief

Construction of Selamet Village in Syria continues
The first phase of the Selamet Village consisting of 50 concrete homes that was launched in Zovf Village in Idlib, Syria has been completed and handed over to orphan families.
Tablets for Orphan Students
IHH will donate tablets to orphan children to help them continue their online education during this pandemic. With the support of donors, these children will be able to study safely
A New School for 600 Students in Idlib
An additional building of 8 classrooms at the Marmara School is being constructed by Kuwaiti-based IICO and IHH in the Akrabat region of Idlib, Syria.


  • Orphan Solidarity Day’s 10th Anniversary
    This year, IHH will celebrate the 10th Orphan Solidarity Day. In commemorating the day, almost 92.000 orphans will benefit from the 236 projects materialized in 25 countries and regions including Turkey.
  • “Time for Brotherhood” Convoy
    IHH organized a support convoy with the slogan “Time for Brotherhood” to support our brother country Azerbaijan in its worthy cause.
  • 12 Trucks of emergency humanitarian aid for Syria
    12 trucks consisting of food were sent to camps in Syria by the Konya Humanitarian Aid Association and IHH Bursa Branch.
  • Pedaling for orphans
    IHH Malatya volunteer Ihsan Kılıç will be visiting 13 cities, cycling from Malatya and travelling a total of 500 km to raise “Orphan Awareness.”