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Humanitarian Aid to 9 Thousand Somalians

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation delivered aid to 9 thousand Somalians that migrated to the capital Mogadishu following the drought that began in the first months of 2017.

The impact of the drought crisis that began in the first months of 2017 in Somalia is still continuing at the present. While the people who migrated to surrounding regions to escape the drought cannot return to their homelands, the refugees that fled from the region are facing starvation and poverty. IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has continued to deliver aid to Somalia since the beginning of the crisis.

In the scope of the Humanitarian Aid Projects, IHH recently sent food aid to 750 families that migrated to the capital Mogadishu. In total, 9 thousand Somalians have benefitted from aid purchased with support from our donators.


“International aid is insufficient”

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation East Africa Coordinator Ismail Songör, who emphasized that international aid was inadequate, summarized the Somalian crisis in these words:

“In the month of December, the drought disaster that which has continued since the beginning of 2017 has now turned into a refugee crisis. In the wake of this drought crisis in which more than 1 million people were forced to migrate; tens of people died, thousands of animals perished and tens of thousands hectares of agricultural land was destroyed, international aid is totally insufficient. These people are experiencing extreme difficulties due to the lack of international aid.”


Prevention of future droughts…

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation continues to fight the drought with the water wells we opened in the region. With these deep water wells intended to provide daily drinking water to 20 thousand people, there has been a substantial increase in livestock farming in the region.

Additionally, the largest farming school and agricultural university in Somalia opened by IHH is continuing research in farming and agriculture to overcome future droughts in the region.



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