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A New Agreement Between IHH and OICHF

IHH Humanitarian Relief Organization and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Humanitarian Funds (OICHF) signed an agreement involving collaboration in various fields
23.01.2017 Human Rights , Orphan

IHH Humanitarian Relief Organization keeps making collaborations in order to reach out to destitute people affected by disasters, conflicts, or oppressed by repressive regimes to deliver them relief aid and to make sure their basic rights and freedoms are not violated.

In this regard IHH added one more to its list of collaborations by signing an agreement of four clauses with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Humanitarian Funds (OICHF). The agreement was executed in Qatar by IHH President Bülent Yıldırım and OICHF board member Dr. Abdüllaziz Bin Abdurrahman Al-Thaani.


Agreement`s Clauses

The agreement clauses, which are four articles in total, are as follows:

  • The establishment of Humanitarian Relief Agency
  • Establishment of Humanitarian College that concentrates on humanitarian relief work
  • Common orphan care work among OIC member countries
  • Collaboration in humanitarian diplomacy

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