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A visit to IHH by Afghan Consul General

Zekria Barakzai, Afghanistan Consul General to Istanbul and the accompanying delegation, visited IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation General Headquarters and met IHH President Bülent Yıldırım.

Afghanistan Consul General to Istanbul Zekria Barakzai and accompanying delegation, visited IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation General Headquarters were welcomed by IHH President Bülent Yıldırım and IHH Executive Board Member İzzet Şahin.


Turkey-Afghanistan Friendship Relations

The friendship relations between Turkey and Afghanistan were expressed in the visit. In this regard, Zekria Barakzai stated that 103 Afghans with the Ottoman Army were martyred in the battle of Çanakkale, also all Afghan people sold even their earrings and bracelets and supported Turks in the Turkish War of Independence. Barakzai reminded that Afghanistan is the first country to recognize Turkey after the Turkish war of Independence. The Consul General also stated that a thousand and 5 hundred Afghan polices received training in Sivas and 5 thousand Afghan students also received education in Turkey.


Afghan refugees in Turkey

The situation of Afghan refugees were also discussed in the visit. Zekria Barakzai said that : “There are large numbers of Afghan refugees in Turkey. The situation of refugees is quite difficult. Around 2 thousand Afghan refugees applied to us on a monthly basis and demanded to return back to our country. We request support from IHH to help Afghan refugees living in difficult conditions in Turkey.”

Bülent Yıldırım also said that IHH will deliver aid to all of the refugees regardless of their roots. Upon the request, Yıldırım expressed that they will prepare an extensive report on Afghan refugees in 81 provinces of Turkey and added that “In this respect, we will make cooperation with Afghan Consulate and Afghan students.”


The meeting was ended after mutually offered presents. 


Humanitarian Diplomacy Kategorisine Son Eklenen Haberler

A letter of thanks to Turkey and IHH from Moro
Following the signing of the Bangsamoro Organic Law by the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, Al Haj Murad Ebrahim, member of the Moro Peace Process Monitoring Committee, thanked IHH for their contributions.
Pakistani Islamic scholar paid IHH a visit
Taki al-Osmani, who is considered as one of the greatest Islamic scholars of our time, came to IHH’s headquarters and was informed about our foundation’s activities.
Visit from Minister Kurtulmuş to IHH in Bangladesh
Minister of Culture and Tourism Numan Kurtulmuş and his accompanying team visited the Coordination Center, which IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has opened in Bangladesh after the Arakan crisis, to get information about the work.


  • Yemen need your help
    Humanitarian crisis in Yemen has reached fatalities. 21 million people suffer food shortages. 7 thousand people have been killed because of conflict, starvation, cholera and various epidemics. IHH launched an emergency aid campaign with the slogan "Yemen Needs Urgent Help"
  • A visit to IHH by the Iraqi Government
    Msbah Alqasi, official of the Iraqi Government Ministry for Migration, visited IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation General Headquarters.
  • Rebirth of the burnt hostel in Tanzania
    Upon requests from the region, IHH restored the building of a hostel belonging to a school in the Kakangaga village in Tanzania that was totally destroyed by a fire.
  • Children of war regain their hearing
    In collaboration with Kuwait Zakat House Aid Organization, IHH provided 22 children, who lost their hearing ability due to explosions and various diseases in the civil war in Syria with hearing aids. Some of these children experienced the joy of hearing the voices of their families for the first time.