Aid drive for Somalia
In the poorest African country Somalia, which is experiencing the worst drought in 60 years, people are struggling with hunger, drought and diseases. The only hope of the drought-stricken Somali peo
Somalia 04.08.2011

The Somali people, who have already been suffering from the devastating impact of the civil war for the last two decades, are now at the threat of a humanitarian crisis caused by drought. Somalis are leaving the south of the country for the capital Mogadishu and Kenya to escape starvation. The number of infant deaths is on the rise, but the hope of survival is also rising with the start of Ramadan.


Children are worst affected by the driest season in Somalia in 60 years. It is reported that several children in every family develop various diseases because of malnourishment and die consequently. People in southern Somalia where famine has been declared are hitting roads to find food. Some families leave their children behind at their villages for fear of losing them during the long journey that is made on foot and lose contact with the villages. And some of those who travel as a family lose their children on the way to camps. Almost every Somali family has such a tragic story.     


The people of Somalia, where the majority of population is Muslim, have been going through serious hardships for decades because of exploitation by Western powers and internal unrest. The only hope for the Somali people who are accustomed to live with pain is the fact that the Muslim world has mobilized to help fellow Somali people at a time when hunger and thirst combined with scorching temperatures have become unbearable. 


In Ramadan, a time when fraternal ties are strengthened, the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation urged all the people in Turkey to mobilize for Somalia, knowing they will not remain indifferent to the humanitarian tragedy unfolding in the Horn of Africa. The foundation sent to the region emergency aid teams as soon as the impact of drought became visible and is preparing to dispatch 3000 tons of relief supplies to the region via sea. The vessel will sail for Somalia in mid-Ramadan.

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