Aqiqah, nazhr animals sacrificed in Somalia
Animals donated to the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation to be sacrificed as aqiqah and nazhr have been slaughtered in Somalia which currently suffers from hunger, drought, poverty and conflicts. The
Africa, Somalia 06.08.2011

Hundreds of people benefited from the slaughter of the 35 head of cattle in central Shabella and Benadir regions. The animal sacrifices made the faces of the Somali people who are suffering from the drought crisis smile at least for some time. The IHH plans to continue with the animal sacrifices in the region.

The meat of the slaughtered animal was distributed to 8,400 people in equal amount.

The foundation accepts donations for the sacrifice of aqiqah, nazhr animals for Somalia and distributes the meat to Somali people.

Your donations for animal sacrifices in Somalia where the number of people dying of hunger increases day by day are welcome at this holy month of Ramadan. What you should do is just to inform our foundation about the number of your animal donations.

Companies and enterprises can donate to the foundation through food banking system and register the donation amount as tax write-off.

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