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Collaboration on Fighting Against Addiction

A protocol of cooperation to take joint action in fighting against addiction was signed between Turkish Green Cresent Society and IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation.
19.04.2018 Human Rights , Istanbul

The protocol signed between Turkish Green Cresent Society and IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation aims to raise awareness on fighting against addiction. It was signed by the President of Turkish Green Crescent Society (Yeşilay) Mücahit Öztürk and the President of IHH (Humanitarian Relief Foundation), Bülent Yıldırım. Executive board members of Yeşilay and IHH were participated in the protocol which was held in Yeşilay Central Office. 


According to the Protocol;

-On behalf of raising generations attached to their national and spiritual values and far from all sorts of addictions, the framework of the cooperation to be developed in the fields of protection against addiction, prevention and raising awareness will be determined between Turkish Green Cresent Society and IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation. 

-Cooperation activities that Yeşilay and the IHH to develop throughout the country on fighting against any types of addiction such as tobacco, alcohol, drugs and technology will be within the scope. 


“Young IHH hold conferences in 35 provinces of Turkey”

Young IHH, have already started holding the conferences on fighting against drugs led by the executive board member of IHH, Osman Atalay in 35 provinces of Turkey, under the slogan “ Protect your Street, Protect Your School! No to Drugs!”


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