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Bosnia and Herzegovina News

Quban aid for Bosnia-Herzegovina
IHH distributed Qurban meat to needy families in Bosnia-Herzegovina together with the Emmaus International Forum of Solidarity and Istanbul Education and Culture Center.
Hygiene aid to Bosnia-Herzegovina
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation delivered aid to the rehabilitation center in Doboj city in Bosnia-Herzegovina as a part of its operation to combat the coronavirus pandemic.
Campaign against drugs in Bosnia
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation and Alliance of International Doctors (AID) will be launching a Campaign Against Drug Abuse Project in Bosnia.
MotoBosna at Srebrenica Memorial
MotoBosna team organized by IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation reached Bosnia after a 4-day travel on land route and participated in Srebrenica memorial events.
Hit the Road to Srebrenica!
On 11th July, the anniversary of Srebrenica Genocide a motor biker team from Turkey organized by IHH will head to Bosnia in order to attend the memorial events commemorating this tragedy.
IHH Launches Campaign to Fight Drug Abuse in the Balkans
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has initiated a campaign in 6 Balkan countries to fight against drug abuse, which has become a dominant social problem in the Balkans.
Students rush to aid of the Bosnian citizens
45 students from 22 different countries, who received educational scholarship from IHH, came together to help the Bosnian citizens clean up the wreckages of the worst flood they have lived through in the last 120 years. The students walked door to door on Al-’Isrā’ wal-Mi‘rāj ( The Night Journey) and distributed food packages.
IHH’s helping hand reaches Bosnia
IHH teams are delivering aid to the regions affected by floods in Bosnia while engaging in rescue mission to find people who are stranded, lost or drown in the floods.
Turkish MPs plant trees for Bosnian orphans
Turkish MPs planted trees for the Bosnian orphans on the hills of Mostar.
Meaningful aid from IHH to Bosnia-Herzegovina
A team from IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation which was in Sarajevo made a series of visits in the country on the occasion of Eid al-Adha.
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