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Chad News

IHH reaches out to refugees in Chad
IHH reaches out to refugees in Chad
Assistance to Nigerian refugees who have fled from the Boko Haram attacks
IHH has carried out emergency relief efforts for Nigerian refugees who have escaped from the Boko Haram attacks and taken refuge in Chad. IHH teams have distributed 21 tons of food supplies consisting of rice, flour and oil to the refugees who have settled in the Dar es Salaam refugee camp established between the Nigeria-Chad border. IHH teams have also distributed the meat of 19 cattle’s.
They killed her mother in front of her and her father when he was going to Jumu'ah
Due to the massacre the Christian gangs have applied against the Muslims, tens of thousands of people that have escaped from Central African Republic and are forced to seek refuge in neighbouring countries.
IHH teams stand with Central African refugees in Chad
IHH delivered food aid and cleaning kits to thousands of Muslims who took refuge in the camps in Chad.
IHH to carry out 6,000 cataract operations in Africa
IHH will carry out 6,000 cataract operations in Africa under the campaign starting in March.
IHH helps Central Africans who sheltered in Chad
The IHH emergency relief team has begun distributing aid to Central African refugees in the camps on the border of Chad.
IHH delivered copies of Quran in Chad and Tissi
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation continues to take relief to African countries where there is a big education problem.
Great support to orphans from social media users
Thanks to support from the social media, a total of TL40, 800 has been collected in the text message donation campaign launched by IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation for orphans.
Kocaeli to sponsor mosque and school construction in Tanzania
Kocaeli Humanitarian Aid Association (KİYAD) has rolled up sleeves to sponsor construction of a mosque and school in Donge village of Tanzania, an African country.
Meaningful project from IHH for Africa
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation is carrying out an extensive project in order to develop agriculture in Africa, which struggles against poverty and hunger, in order to minimize the effects of drought.
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