Charitable families fund 600 Iraqi orphans
The IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation arranged sponsor families for 600 children who were made orphan during the US invasion of Iraq. The families will meet monthly expenses of an orphan by donating
Palestine, Middle East, Turkey 02.04.2008

Children were the mostly harmed group in the Iraq war like in any other war. The occupation that began on March 16, 2003 is estimated to have made five million children orphan. Iraq has the highest number of orphans in the world.

Iraqi orphans cannot be extended aid due to occupation as well as political and economic instability in the country. The orphans are distressed over the loss of their families during the occupation, and are striving to survive. 

Turkey undertakes caring for 600 orphans

The IHH, which carries out orphans relief works in Baghdad, Diyala, Mosul, Kirkuk and Telafer, and extends periodical aid to orphans, initiated a campaign named “sponsor family” in October 2007 to make orphans relief works long-lasting. The campaign has started to bear fruits.   

Following the initiation of the campaign, 600 Turkish charitable families applied to the IHH to fund expenses of orphans. These families donate YTL 70 every month to meet expenses of 600 Iraqi orphans. The amount covers sanitary, educational and shelter expenses of the orphans. 

Iraqi orphans pleased

The donations made by sponsor families in Turkey are regularly transferred to the region by the IHH. Orphans in Baghdad, Diyala, Mosul, Kirkuk and Telafer were extended aid this month. The orphans were observed to be happy over the aid. The families of the orphans recited prayers and thanked Turkish families that extended their help.  

More sponsor families needed

There are millions of Iraqi orphans who are in need of help. They lack any social security. These orphans, most of who lost their fathers to the occupation, are waiting for benevolent families to care for them.

The families that want to fund an orphan can request detailed information from +90 212 631 21 21.

Orphan relief works undertaken in 30 countries

The IHH carries out periodical and permanent orphan relief works in 42 countries mainly in Asia, Africa, the Balkans and the Middle East. These are regions hit by poverty, hunger, wars and natural disasters, and they are in need of urgent aid. Totally 1,598 orphans have been cared for since the “sponsor family” campaign was initiated in October 2007.  

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