Children join Gaza protests
A group of children concerned about the Israeli operation into the Gaza Strip organized a protest march in Istanbul to show support to the Palestinians and to protest the Israeli aggression.
Palestine, Middle East, Turkey 31.12.2008

The children aged between six and 12 marched in İstiklal Street of Istanbul and urged support to Palestine. They shouted slogans such as "Stop Israel, let children not die," and "Istanbul do something about Palestine."

Protest rallies were organized in different points of Istanbul in the weekend to protest Israeli massacre in Gaza, but one march drew particular attention. Scores of children marched through İstiklal Street to show support to Palestine. Members of the Free Children Club took the front lines of the march and shouted slogans in favor of Palestine. The march was supported by the IHH and a number of nongovernmental organizations.

The groups gathered in front of Galatasaray High-school and marched until Taksim Square. The children shouted slogans such as "We are all Palestinians, Killer Israel leave Palestine, Stop the war stop killing children."

The protestors carried blood-tainted dolls symbolizing the bodies of children killed in Israeli strikes. About 1,000 people, most of them children, marched in the freezing and rainy weather and received support from citizens and store-owners on the street.

The protesters called on Jews in Turkey in a banner that read "We want Jews in Turkey to oppose the killing of children in Palestine."

After shouting anti-Israel pro-Palestine slogans at Taksim Square, protestors dispersed peacefully.

Some of the children who took part in the protest march donated their allowances to the IHH to be sent to Gaza.

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