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Children are to delight with the Toy Day

IHH declared 7 November as “Toy Day”, a day when various toys were donated to deprived and orphaned children in Turkey.
06.11.2020 , Istanbul , Izmir , Orphan Turkey

Our Orphan Solidarity Days are continuing. This year IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation is materializing projects to change the lives of tens of thousands of orphans. In the scope of this project, 7 November was declared as “Toy Day”. On this day, gift packets consisting of toys were distributed to 5.000 deprived and orphaned children in Turkey. The cost of a gift packet was only 40 TL, but for many children, it might have been the first time they received such gift in their lives. With this project, we aim to bring a smile on their faces by giving them a small present. In the future, we plan to expand this IHH Youth pilot project even further so more foundations and organizations can work together to celebrate “Toy Day”.


First stop; Istanbul

“Toy Day” was first organized in Istanbul. The toys were first wrapped in gift packets at IHH HQ. Then our teams set out to bring joy to the children in need. The teams visited 28 homes in the district of Küçükçekmece and distributed toy packets to 60 deprived and orphaned children.      


Earthquake victims were not forgotten

Children who lost their homes in the Izmir earthquake were not forgotten. Various gifts were distributed to children staying in the Buca Hippodrome with the aim to distract them, even for a short time, from their trauma. Our teams also played games in the streets and read stories to these children. Activities including sowing flowers and experiment workshops enabled these children to enjoy a day in the midst of their trial.


How you can join this caravan of kindness

Donors who want to join this caravan of kindness can contribute to Toy Day and donate 5 TL by sending an SMS texting OYUNCAK to 3072. Those who wish to donate larger amounts can contribute via IHH’s website or bank account numbers stating the code OYUNCAK.  

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Children are to delight with the Toy Day
IHH declared 7 November as “Toy Day”, a day when various toys were donated to deprived and orphaned children in Turkey.
“3 permanent works in Niger” are completed!
IHH Youth has just opened the Rezan El-Najjar Healthcare Center, Mus’ab Bin Umayr Primary School and Omar Muhtar Mosque as a part of the “3 Permanent Works in Niger” project from which thousands of people will benefit.
Mobile museum in syria
Young IHH organized a 4-day-long Mobile Museum event for children in Syria’s Al-Bab and Mare, located in the Azez city and the Euphrates Shield region.


  • Orphan Solidarity Day’s 10th Anniversary
    This year, IHH will celebrate the 10th Orphan Solidarity Day. In commemorating the day, almost 92.000 orphans will benefit from the 236 projects materialized in 25 countries and regions including Turkey.
  • Food aid for Iraqi orphans
    IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation distributed food packets to 600 orphans and needy families in the Saklawiyya region of the Anbar province in Iraq.
  • Hot meals for refugees in Bosnia-Herzegovina
    IHH distributes daily hot meals to almost 4.000 refugees in Tuzla, Bosnia-Herzegovina. These refugees struggled to come to this region in the hope of reaching different European countries.
  • A smile on the faces of orphans in Afrin
    IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation distributed child food packets to 1.000 orphans living in Afrin, northwest Syria.
  • Food aid from Kuwait’s IICO ad IHH for Syria
    IICO and IHH distributed 8.000 food packets to civilians living in the rural areas of Syria’s Idlib and Aleppo.