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Coronavirus aid for Iraq

IHH distributed medical equipment to hospitals in Kirkuk, Mosul and Saladin to support Iraq’s fight against the coronavirus.
19.09.2020 Emergency Relief Iraq

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation delivered 60 units of 40 liter-oxygen cylinders, 90 oxygen appliances, 52.000 medical masks, 80.000 medical gloves, 324 thermometers, 1.000 PPEs, 384 disinfectants as well as medical equipment to Iraq, one of the countries heavily affected by the pandemic. We are still conducting our healthcare aid operations in the country.


10.000 people will benefit every month

10.000 people will benefit every month from the medical equipment delivered by IHH to officials of the Samarra, Alqayarh, El-Firdaws and Tarmiya hospitals. PPEs and medical equipment delivered to these hospitals will enable the local people to receive better healthcare services.


Cases are on the rise

The increasing cases of Iraq’s coronavirus infection is staggering. The Iraqi Minister of Health announced that the total number of infections in the country has exceeded 310.000. Capital Baghdad is said to have the highest number of cases; and there is a concern that the number will increase in the forthcoming days.     

Latest News from Emergency Relief

IHH for Izmir
Soon after the Izmir earthquake, 266 members of IHH Search and Rescue team from 24 cities including Istanbul, Sakarya, Konya and Bursa set out for Izmir to work together with AFAD.
A breath of life from Turkey to Yemen
IHH’s oxygen cylinder filling center that operates in Taiz, Yemen, has delivered 1.759 oxygen cylinders to a total of 24 healthcare centers including 18 hospitals and six clinics.
Aid for Sudanese flood victims
IHH delivered emergency aid to 2.550 families, food packets, blankets, protective nettings and hygiene packets to 875 families, additional food packets to 575 families and meat to 1.100 families in Sudan’s Sinnar province that was most affected by the floods.