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Djibouti News

IHH provides Djibouti with livestock aid
With the help of Turkey's Embassy in Djibouti, IHH provided food and live stock aid to 2 separate regions in Djibouti.
IHH teams were in Djibouti
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation did not forget the people of Djibouti during this year’s Eid al-Adha. Travelling to the region, IHH teams slaughtered 350 shares of donated animals and delivered their meat to the people in need. IHH teams also paid a visit to Tadjoura which is known as the missing city of the Ottoman.
Morale-boosting day for orphans in Djibouti
A program jointly organized by the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation and its partner institutions in Djibouti on the occasion of the Orphan Solidarity Days has cheered up orphans in the country.
14 Somali children in Istanbul for treatment
The IHH is continuing fighting drought-triggered famine and diseases in East Africa unabated. The foundation brought in cooperation with TİKA and THY 14 Somali children who need emergency medical trea
ASKON donates 50 aid trucks for Somalia
Anatolian Tigers Businessmen's Association (ASKON) donated 50 trucks of humanitarian aid to the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation to be sent to famine-stricken Somalia via the second aid ship the IH
IHH carries on aid effort in Dadaab
The IHH is continuing helping the Somali people, who are fighting drought. The IHH aid teams are helping local people survive by materializing permanent projects and are providing emergency relief at
IHH to send 2nd aid ship to Somalia
The IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation which recently sent a ship to Somalia carrying 3,000 tons of emergency humanitarian aid, launched preparations to send another ship to the famine-stricken countr
IHH is in Africa for various aid projects
Tens of thousands of children have died of starvation in East Africa which is hit by the worst drought of the past 60 years. The drought has also killed animals which are the only source of income for
IHH to send first aid ship from Turkey to Somalia
The IHH is preparing to send the first emergency relief ship from Turkey to Somalia, which is going through the worst drought in 60 years. The vessel loaded with 3000 tons of foodstuffs and medical ma
IHH takes relief to inaccessible areas in East Africa
Turkey has taken action to extend a helping hand to East Africa which has been suffering from the worst drought of the past 60 years. The drought is also accompanied by hunger. In addition to the Turk
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