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Education support for the people of Gaza through the Ottoman Cultural Center

At a time when schooling has come to a halt in Gaza, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation is offering education opportunities to the students of Gaza through the Ottoman Cultural Center it established in the region.

At a time when schooling has come to a halt in Gaza, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation is offering education opportunities to the students of Gaza through the Ottoman Cultural Center it established in the region.

Since the state of Israel was established on the territory of Palestine in 1948, the Arab-Israeli war and the unilateral attacks of Israel have almost occupied all Palestinian territories. The majority of these people are forced to live as refugees in other Arab countries. Gaza in particular has been severely affected by the economic embargo of Israel. The attacks which Israel carried out in December 2008 resulted in a great loss of life and sever demolition within the city.

Israel's attack on Gaza not only destroyed the city but brought great material and moral damages to the society. All institutions in Gaza have fallen idle, and they have failed to fulfill their public duty for the people, affecting them adversely.

Through material and moral aid, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation is continuing to heal the wounds of the people of Gaza who are suffering under the embargo of the Israel.

IHH who opened their representative office in Gaza in 2009, has been providing emergency assistance, health aid, housing projects, hospitals, education and food assistance in all areas across the region. Since Israel's bombings, education series have come to a standstill in Gaza, many schools and universities have not been able to be provided education.

Acting upon this, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation established the Ottoman Cultural Center in order to eliminate the education gap. While the curriculum in the center is prepared in a way which will support the needs of all students, counseling sessions are given to in order for the students to think in a healthy and comfortable manner.

Some of the classes offered by the center include English, hafiz ul Quran, Islamic studies, graphics, computer repair and maintenance, use of computers, software, Microsoft training, computing courses such as editing programs, photography, cartoon drawing, mathematics tutoring, social communication, psychological support classes, sewing and embroidery, design and lessons about trials.

Since 2013, the number of students who have attended these classes and received a certificate have reached 3 thousands 949 people. 2 thousand 263 of the trainees were females while, 686 thousand were made up of males.

In total, the programs which are held in semesters, are offered to the people of Gaza for free.


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