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Third Party Monitoring Team releases its third annual report
The independent committee of peace monitors which is set up by 2012 Framework Agreement and 2014 Comprehensive Agreement between the Philippines government and Moro Islamic Liberation Front released its third annual report in a press meeting.
ECHO representatives visit IHH's Kilis Coordination Center
Known as ECHO - the European Community Humanitarian Aid Office, representatives visited the IHH Kilis Coordination Center.
Trial of Israel begins on Nov. 6
Mavi Marmara trial is going to begin at Çağlayan Courthouse in İstanbul on Nov.6.
41000 Qurban shares delivered to the poor
IHH has concluded 2012 Qurban organization in Turkey and worldwide.
IHH teams set out for global Qurban organization
IHH teams to oversee the foundation’s global Qurban organization have left for their mission countries.
Sacrifice of aqiqah, nazhr animals puts a smile on the faces of people in need
We continue to take the fresh meats donated by charity givers to our foundation for the people in need.
IHH Qurban preparations get underway
Our teams will be delivering your Qurban donations to people in need all around the world.
Rawan Muwahid climbs to the highest peak of Europe for Rohingyas and Syrians
Humanitarian activist climbs up to 5,642-meter-high Mt.Elbrus as apart of a campaign joint by IHH.
Special Ramadan gifts for orphans
As Ramadan relief efforts continue, we did not forget to put a smile on the faces of the orphans.
IHH aid teams hit roads for Ramadan charity
Aid teams from the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation have hit roads to take Ramadan charity to every corner of the world.
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