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London Ladies Enjoy Buzzin’ Bazaar For Gaza
On April 18, 2010, a “ladies only” fundraising event, called Buzzin Bazaar, for benefit of Gaza was held in Ladbroke Grove, London.
Flotilla to be launched in May
Activists with different religions and languages gathered at the IHH head office to discuss the forthcoming humanitarian flotilla to Gaza. They will be sailing to Gaza in ships this May. IHH President
‘Erdoğan has become our voice’
“[Turkish] Prime Minister gave a historic response to Zionist President at Davos. Mr. Erdoğan has become our voice and won hearts of all Palestinians. We began naming our children after Tayyip Erdoğan
Convoy participants begin leaving Gaza
The activists from Freedom to Palestine Convoy are leaving Gaza after delivering aid supplies and vehicles. The first four buses carrying activists left Gaza with no problem, but the exit of whole con
Gaza convoy to deliver vehicles, relief supplies
Freedom to Palestine Convoy that left Arish on 6 January entered Gaza in groups of 20 vehicles. Relief materials will be delivered to the Palestinians after a huge demonstration to be organized at 15:
Haniyeh thanks Palestine convoy
Haniyeh presented a personally signed shawl decorated with the Palestinian flag to the Palestine convoy. He also gave IHH president a letter to be delivered to Turkish prime minister.
Egypt finally allows Palestine convoy
Freedom to Palestine convoy is leaving the Arish port, where it has been waiting for two days. It will travel to Rafah border crossing after completion of preparations and cross into Gaza 6 January ni
Convoy enters Gaza
Viva Palestina convoy that departed Britain a month ago and came under Egyptian police intervention has finally arrived in the Gaza Strip. After Egypt granted permit the vehicles left Arish in groups
Gulf businessman finances convoy transfer
IHH President announced that a benevolent businessman from a Gulf country had financed the expenses of transferring the convoy vehicles to Egypt with Ulusoy 6 ship and the activists by planes. The shi
Palestine convoy arrives in Latakia
The international Palestine aid convoy has arrived in the Syrian port of Latakia after overcoming all obstacles. However, no ship has yet agreed to transport the convoy to the Egyptian port of Arish c
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