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False accusations towards IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation

This is the refutation for the news article published on the Radikal Newspaper, and written by Fatih Yağmur with the purpose of smearing, constituting a crime and incriminating against to IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation.


Neither the head office of IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation nor the IHH’s teams in the region have such an information regarding to the truck, in other respect, the regional teams of IHH have confirmed from gendarmerie and government officials on the spot that the given truck has no relevancy with IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation.

Hatay Provincial Gendarmerie Command notified our lawyers that there is no information about IHH regarding to the issue. It is quite in evidence that Radikal Newspaper has mentioned the name of IHH in the news for smearing.

We declare that all the legal actions will be taken against to those relevant individuals and institutions, and disclosure the case so much for that by reserving the right to action.

By remarking increasing smearing, slandering and conspiracy campaigns that the Foundation has been exposed since the December 17 operation, we invite all media institutions and relevant authorized bodies to act not according to the sense of belonging, but honestly in ethical and justifiable manner.

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation


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Tidings for Syrian students
In view of the urgent need due to worsening weather conditions, as a part of a maintenance and repair project IHH restored the Asbat School in the Syrian city of Idlib.
A thousand spinning tops so the “children of Afrin smile”
Mustafa Alt, a carpenter who lives in the Cide district of Kastamonu made a thousand spinning tops to be distributed by IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation to the children of Afrin.
A village from Amasya to the Arakan people
Amasya IHH Humanitarian Relief Association built a village consisting of bamboo homes to accommodate one thousand people in the Arakan camps in Bangladesh.


  • Freedom for Women Held in Syrian Prisons!
    On 8th of March, International Women's Day, more than ten thousand “conscientious hearts” gathered in Sultanahmet Square for the freedom of women and children in the Syrian prisons and called out to the world: Release the captive women immediately!
  • Release Syrian women immediately!
    The Conscience Movement made a press statement with the participation of activists from 45 countries at the Halic Congress Center in order to release the women and children in the Syrian prisons immediately.
  • We are about to freeze to death, help us!
    In the Arsal region in northeastern Lebanon, the camps where Syrian refugees were sheltered were completely covered by snow. Calls for help are rising from the area where the deaths by exposure can occur.
  • Immediate Aid to 345,000 Yemeni in 2018
    Thanks to the supports of benefactors, IHH transmitted immediate aid to 345.000 needy people in Yemen, where 21 million people suffer from food shortage and 10 million people need immediate aid.
  • 11,000 cataract surgeries in 2018
    In 2018, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation realized 11,238 cataract surgeries with the support of benefactors and contribute people to see again.