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Humanitarian relief for Gaza

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has provided financial support to the 400 people, wounded in the Great March of Return.

Since the day of the establishment of Zionist Israel, the humanitarian crisis continues all across Palestine and particularly in the Gaza Strip which is under the blockade of Israel since 2006. IHH Humanitarian Foundation continues its relief works in the region without slowing down. In this respect, IHH provides financial support to the wounded Gazaians in the Great March of Return.


IHH has provided financial support to the wounded 400 of 4.000 people in demonstrations who are in a critical situation and need urgent medical relief. Along with this project, IHH aims to:

-Support the needy Palestinian families who can not receive any support

-Give support to the 400 wounded people who are severely affected by the current events

-Report the regional humanitarian situation

-Reinforce our fraternity bonds that we need most recently

-Increase the project diversity in all districts of Palestine where the internal conflicts have persisted for years


As it is known that 6 children under the age of 18, totally 52 Palestinians were martyred and 2 thousand 410 people were also wounded regarding the recent events in the region.



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Joy of Iraqi families who return home
The return of families from Tal Afar, that fled the attacks of terror groups in Iraq and settled in Syria, is continuing via neighboring Turkey. IHH is distributing humanitarian aid to the families who are returning to their homeland.
3 new mosques to Kyrgyzstan
With the support of our donors, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has opened three new mosques for worship in the Jalal Abad and Chuy regions of Kyrgyzstan named the Haji Nigar Yunus, Esref Ors and Omur Kumantas Mosques.
Health support to Yemeni patients
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has organised eye examinations and distributed glasses to a thousand children; it has also delivered wheelchairs and crutches to 330 disabled civilians who were injured by the civil war in Yemen


  • Yemen need your help
    Humanitarian crisis in Yemen has reached fatalities. 21 million people suffer food shortages. 7 thousand people have been killed because of conflict, starvation, cholera and various epidemics. IHH launched an emergency aid campaign with the slogan "Yemen Needs Urgent Help"
  • A visit to IHH by Afghan Consul General
    Zekria Barakzai, Afghanistan Consul General to Istanbul and the accompanying delegation, visited IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation General Headquarters and met IHH President Bülent Yıldırım.
  • A visit to IHH by the Iraqi Government
    Msbah Alqasi, official of the Iraqi Government Ministry for Migration, visited IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation General Headquarters.
  • Rebirth of the burnt hostel in Tanzania
    Upon requests from the region, IHH restored the building of a hostel belonging to a school in the Kakangaga village in Tanzania that was totally destroyed by a fire.
  • Children of war regain their hearing
    In collaboration with Kuwait Zakat House Aid Organization, IHH provided 22 children, who lost their hearing ability due to explosions and various diseases in the civil war in Syria with hearing aids. Some of these children experienced the joy of hearing the voices of their families for the first time.