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Hearing-Aid Project from IHH

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation in collaboration with Bahrain Islamic Association launched "Hearing-Aid Project” targeting war victim Syrians in Turkey who lost their hearing.
04.05.2017 Humanitarian Relief , Kilis

The Syrian war that has been going on over the past six years made the biggest destruction on civilians’ lives. Thousands of Syrians are crippled as a result of the attacks. Those who are affected most are children, women and elderly. In order to treat those patients IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation in collaboration with Bahrain Islamic Association launched "Hearing-Aid Project.” As a part of the project twenty-two patients have already received hearing aid. As a result of the hearing aid installation operations in hearing clinic in Kilis the first seven patients got their hearing ability back.


Revan is Able to Hear Again

8-year-old Reya who regained her hearing ability back told us her story:
"My dad and sister were playing outside. I was watching them from the window. They looked so happy. Then a huge sound was heard. Our house was razed to the ground. There was blood everywhere. My dad rescued me from under the rubble of our destroyed house. This is as much as I can remember. Then I realized I can’t hear anymore.”


“More Will Hear Again”

IHH Healthcare Department Coordinator Malik Bakkor who is supervising the project said, "IHH tries to meet the needs of our Syrian brothers and sisters as much as possible. The most urgent of their needs is healthcare. ”Bakkor gave a brief about the project:

“The project aims to reach out to Syrian war victims in Turkey who lost their hearing ability during the war. To experience the joy of little children who are able to hear again is priceless. The cost of treatment of hearing loss in both ears is about 3,500 Turkish Liras including the hospital fees. So I would like to express my thanks to everyone who keeps supporting us in our aid efforts. God willing more of our Syrian brothers and sisters will start to hear again with the help of ongoing donations.”

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