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A village from Amasya to the Arakan people

Amasya IHH Humanitarian Relief Association built a village consisting of bamboo homes to accommodate one thousand people in the Arakan camps in Bangladesh.
14.09.2018 , Amasya Arakan , Bangladesh

The Rohingya people, that have been victims of persecution for more than half a century, are constantly forced to flee from Arakan. The recent, unprecedented migration wave that began in August 2017 reveals the magnitude this persecution has reached in Arakan. Since the most recent crisis almost 800 thousand people were forced to flee to Bangladesh. With these migrations, the number of Rohingya people living in Bangladesh has reached 1 million 300 thousand.


Since 1996, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has carried out aid operations for the Arakan people. Since August 25 2017 until the present, IHH has built a total of 7 thousand 432 bamboo homes. Some of the bamboo homes were built with the support and contributions of IHH Amasya, and the people in Amasya.  These bamboo homes in the village built by IHH Amasya will accommodate a thousand people.


To provide support

Those who wish to help the Arakan people via IHH can donate 5TL by texting ARAKAN via SMS to 3072. Donations can also be made via IHH’s website and bank accounts using the code ARAKAN.   


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Syrians manufacture masks in gratitude to Turkey
With the coordination of the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, Syrian women living in Şanlıurfa have begun to manufacture masks to meet the demand in Turkey.
Football with orphans
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation organized a football match for the orphans in the district of Afrin, northwest Syria.
Tidings for Syrian students
In view of the urgent need due to worsening weather conditions, as a part of a maintenance and repair project IHH restored the Asbat School in the Syrian city of Idlib.


  • Orphan Solidarity Day’s 10th Anniversary
    This year, IHH will celebrate the 10th Orphan Solidarity Day. In commemorating the day, almost 92.000 orphans will benefit from the 236 projects materialized in 25 countries and regions including Turkey.
  • A New School for 600 Students in Idlib
    An additional building of 8 classrooms at the Marmara School is being constructed by Kuwaiti-based IICO and IHH in the Akrabat region of Idlib, Syria.
  • Search and Rescue continues in Giresun
    In the wake of the Giresun flood, IHH is conducting its Search and Rescue operations with a team of 60 members.
  • Scholarship for orphans
    IHH’s “Orphan Education Sponsorship” will provide scholarship to orphans that have reach 18 until they have a job.
  • 50.000 loaves of bread are distributed daily in Syria
    50.000 loaves of bread are distributed daily by IHH and the İnsan Charity Association funded by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) to civilians living in the rural areas of Idlib in the northeast of Syria.