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Ramadan in Syria

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation delivers iftar meals to 50 thousand people per day in various regions of Syria, during the month of Ramadan. IHH also produces 750 thousand bread for Syrians per day and distributes to the Syrian people.

Continuing its 2018 Ramadan activities with the slogan “Time for Sharing”, IHH has began to supply aid for the Syrians without leaving them alone in Ramadan as for many years. In this respect, IHH delivers iftar meals to 50 thousand Syrians per day and also produces 750 thousand bread for Syrians per day.

Iftar meals for 50 thousand people per day

IHH will be delivering iftar meals for 50 thousand war-weary families living in the remote rural areas of Idlib, Hama, Aleppo and Latakia provinces and refugee camps. IHH also establishes iftar tables in Afrin region which is purified of terrorism.


750 thousand bread for Syrians per day

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation distributes 750 thousand bread produced in the bakeries of Hatay and Syria to the Syrians in Ramadan. Bakeries have been producing bread appealing to the taste of Syrians for so long. When the distributions are completed, approximately 22,5 million bread will be delivered to the Syrian families during the Ramadan.


Food, Shelter, Education and Health

IHH carries out relief works for the war-weary Syrians in various fields such as; food, shelter, training and health.

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Our Ramadan teams departed from Turkey
Our teams of officials, volunteers and donators departed on the journey to 95 countries for the Ramadan 2018 efforts launched by IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation with the slogan “Now It’s Time to Share’’.
A Marked Difference of Turkey in Arakan Camps
IHH installed solar energy panels on its 5,795 houses built with bamboo in the Arakan camps of Bangladesh. By means of the panels, the Arakanese living in the IHH camps have obtained electricity and light for the first time in their lives.
Ramadan: "now is the time for share"
IHH launched its 2018 Ramadan activities with its 26 years of experience, with the slogan the “Time for Sharing.” Throughout Ramadan, IHH will be distributing aid given by donators to 3 million people in need.


  • Al-Quds is the capital of Muslims
    A march, under the slogan “Al-Quds is the capital of Muslims!” was held in Taksim on the 8th anniversary of Israeli attack on Mavi Marmara ship.
  • 15 million loaves of bread to Syrians
    In the first 20 days of the month of Ramadan, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation distributed 15 million loaves of bread to the Syrian people in the rural areas of Syria’s cities Idlib, Aleppo, Hama and Latakia.
  • Humanitarian relief for Gaza
    IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has provided financial support to the 400 people, wounded in the Great March of Return.
  • Ramadan aid to the last Muslims living in Arakan
    IHH is continuing to deliver aid to the Muslims who managed to remain in the region following the crisis in Arakan, and to other regions of Myanmar.