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IHH Briefs Colombian Authorities About Relief Efforts for Syria

Colombia Presidential representative Juan Carlos Restrepo leading an official delegation visited IHH headquarters in order to get a brief about IHH relief efforts for Syrian refugees.
13.05.2017 Human Rights Colombia , Syria

Around 6 million Colombians, who had years ago fled the conflict in their country and migrated to Venezuela, are preparing to return home. Colombian government is gearing up to receive its citizens. In this regard IHH shared know-how with Colombian government that wishes to benefit from Turkey`s experience with Syrian refugees. To this end Colombia Presidential representative Juan Carlos Restrepo along with his delegation came to Turkey to make official visits.

Accompanied by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency committee Colombian delegation first visited the refugee camps along and then visited IHH headquarters in order to get a brief about IHH’s relief efforts and other activities catering to the Syrians.


Brief on Relief Efforts for Syria

Colombia Presidential representative Juan Carlos Restrepo, Colombia ministry of Foreign Affairs representative Víctor Alfonso Bautista Olarte and Disaster Coordination Director Carlos Iván Márquez Pérez had a meeting with IHH Secretary General Yavuz Dede and IHH Executive Board member Durmuş Aydın. Following a presentation on relief efforts for Syrians by IHH executive board members the delegation left the headquarters.

During their visit Colombian delegation was accompanied by Melih Çağatay Artunay from TIKA Latin America office.


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