IHH delivers relief to refugees on Syrian border
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has delivered relief to thousands of refugees who fled Syria in the wake of the public unrest in the country and took refuge in Turkey’s south. Six tons of food and
Middle East, Syria 16.06.2011

The refugees most of whom fled Cis Eş Şuğur town in İdlib in the north of Syria took refuge in forests on the Turkish border to escape the brutalities of the Syrian army. The IHH has not remained indifferent to the plight of these refugees who try to survive in forests where they are unable to meet even their basic needs and the foundation sent food and emergency aid supplies for them.

The relief materials were delivered to the refugees after the necessary permission was received from the authorities amid the refugees’ demonstrations of joy. The refugees who thanked the IHH and Turkish charity givers said they left all their belongings in Syria as they were escaping the violence of the Syrian army.

IHH Executive Board member Osman Atalay said thousands of people waiting on the Syrian border have been suffering for 15 days as he added: “There is clearly a tragedy here. These people just fled with fears of death and they could barely make their way to the border. They have noting with them, no drinking water, no emergency needs of their children. They are in a very difficult situation. Accommodation is a very big problem. They have no blankets. It gets very cold here at nights. We will certainly help these people.”

Atalay said the tragedy of the Syrian refugees should stop as soon as possible and a helping hand should be extended to these people.

“These people are our brothers and sisters. They are in a difficult situation now and we need to help them,” he said.

Atalay also noted that the IHH delivered the humanitarian aid to the refugees by overcoming many difficulties.

“I hope the turmoil in Syria will end as soon as possible and these people will return to their homeland safe and sound. For our part, we will continue to help them as long as they are here,” he said.

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