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IHH didn’t forget Crimean Muslims

IHH teams distributed Ramadan food packages to Muslims having fled to Ukraine because of the Russian invasion in Crimea.

Approximately 5,000 Crimean Muslims having fled to Ukraine because of the Russian invasion in Crimea need help.

IHH teams visited the region before Ramadan and distributed food packages consisting fruits and vegetables, baby food, breakfast food and meat to 1000 families in Kiev, Liviv and Vinitsa.

One of the members of the team going to Crimea IHH board member Osman Atalay indicated that after the Russian invasion in Crimea approximately 5,000 Muslims immigrated to Kiev, Liviv, Ivana, Frankos, Ujgarat, Jitomir, Rivni, Vinitsa, Luts in Ukraine.

Atalay stated that the IHH Ramadan food packages gave Crimean Muslims moral support and remarked that taking the unemployment and economic instability in Ukraine into consideration, Crimean refugees there need a long term support.

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11,000 cataract surgeries in 2018
In 2018, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation realized 11,238 cataract surgeries with the support of benefactors and contribute people to see again.
Winter aid from Turkey to Yemen
As a part of our “A Warm Kindness” campaign, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation distributed aid of blankets and coats to 1 thousand 150 Yemeni families.
Change in cost of opening water wells
Until the present, with the support of our donors IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has opened more than 7 thousand water wells. As a part of this project we have provided drinking water to almost 2.5 million people all over the world.


  • The Mavi Marmara trial will be held at ICC
    In the International Criminal Court (ICC) in connection with the threats, The Mavi Marmara trial will be held on 1 May.
  • We will be in 120 countries and regions during Ramadan
    IHH has initiated its Ramadan 2019 activities with the “Ramadan is good when we are together” motto. IHH aims to deliver donations to three-million people in 120 different countries and regions during Ramadan.
  • Orphans need your help
    IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation will be organizing this year’s Orphan Solidarity Days in September, October and November. This project, that will benefit almost 130 thousand orphans and their families, needs the support and donations of donors.
  • They will gain independence
    As a part of our development projects, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has provided 27 Yemeni families with work opportunities enabling these aggrieved people to gain independence.
  • Humanitarian aid to 150,000 people in Afrin
    IHH Humanitarian Relief Organization has conveyed humanitarian aid to 150,000 civilians in Afrin since the Operation Olive Branch cleared terror groups from the city.