IHH donates $300,000 to Gazan strike victims
The people of the Gaza Strip cannot be left alone to be massacred. We are extending our hand to Gaza, which is undergoing genocide efforts of the Israeli state.
Palestine, Middle East, Turkey 31.12.2008

Israel is now trying to subdue the Gaza Strip through air assault after a land and naval blockade for more than a year. The IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation initially sent $130,000 to be delivered to families of the Palestinians killed or wounded in the Israeli strikes. IHH teams also extended medical materials worth $300,000 to Gazan hospitals.

We are calling on people of Turkey to extend their help to Gaza to ease the suffering of Gazans and to prove they are standing by the Palestinians.

IHH relief activities in the Gaza Strip:

Following latest series of missile strikes, the IHH gave $130,000 in cash to families of the Gazans killed or wounded. Medical materials worth $300,000 were also dispatched to the region.

Food aid was delivered to over 100,000 refugees in eight different refugee camps over the last year.

Gazan hospitals were donated medical materials worth $215,000.

The foundation funded treatment of about 500 wounded Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Sixty of the wounded were brought to Turkey for medical treatment. After Egypt opened its border with Gaza, a number of wounded Gazans were taken to Egyptian hospitals by IHH teams.

A child care unit was built inside the Gazan public hospital.

Cash donation and stationery materials were extended to 1,000 poor Gazan students.

A computer laboratory was set up at the Gaza Islamic University and tuition of 100 students was paid by the foundation.

In Jabalia City in the Gaza Strip, a computer center was founded and 120 widows were offered vocational training.

A bakery was opened to serve to impoverished Gazans and orphans.

The foundation has undertaken to permanently meet expenditure of 200 Gazan families and 2,500 orphans, most of them in Gaza.

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