IHH films documentary on Syria
A documentary, filmed by IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, reveals the background of the ongoing violence in Syria from the eyes of the refugees.
Middle East, Syria, Turkey 03.01.2013

The documentary, which is titled, “The Waiting,” was filmed by IHH’s Production Unit. It is in Arabic but it has Turkish subtitles.

A refugee man who was forced to leave his home and city says, in reference to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his regime: “What we wanted from his was just some freedom and some space to breath easily. For the past 40 years, we were like living in a prison where we are not even allowed to take a breath.”

“Should our expectations for freedom and bread have resulted in dropping of bombs,” he asks in further remarks.  

The documentary, directed by Emre Karapınar, tells the stories and tragedy of the Syrians who fled their country following the beginning of violence in March 2011 and took shelter in Turkey.

Many of these refugees have sought shelter in the Turkish villages on the Turkish-Syrian border where most of whom have relatives.

The documentary, which reveals the real causes of the violence in Syria, lasts for 30 minutes.



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