IHH helps Iraqis escaping from attacks
IHH teams, continuing their activities in war and natural disaster zones, have also been carrying out aid activities in Iraq.
Iraq 14.02.2014

Attacks towards civilians have been continuing in Anbar province in Iraq. In the region where about 1 million people live, 104 houses, 3 hospitals and more than 10 masjids were attacked.

IHH teams transmitted basic needs of living to more than 300 families who escaped from the region and took refuge in Erbil city.

Among the materials distributed, there is 20 days supply of basic foodstuff for a family as pasta, rice, cooking oil, sugar, chicken.

The Fallujah mufti made a written statement about the region and thanked IHH for its aid activities in the region.
In his statement, stating that in these blessed days he felt honored to meet with favorable IHH which is a Turkish Humanitarian Relief Foundation, the Fallujah mufti said “Because IHH struggles for goodness, we have a deep relation with Turkey, and this comes from the nature of Ottoman Empire.

The Fallujah mufti calling humanitarian aid foundations to help people in Fallujah, said in his statement that:

Because they are in a bad condition. Humanitarian aid organizations should supply food and medicine, because they bombed and plundered Fallujah badly. They took women and children out by force. This was a disaster. We can say that the disaster of this time stroke out to Fallujah. People who want to do a favor and humanitarian aid organizations should support Fallujah. People require basic needs as medicines, food and sheltering.

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