IHH Honors The Legacy Of Freedom Flotilla With A New Website
Murder is a capital sin which is forbidden in all holy books. Murdering a human being unjustly is equal to killing all of mankind.
Palestine, Middle East, Turkey 08.07.2010

Israel kills… It has been killing right from the beginning. Israel committed its latest murder in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea in international waters, by killing civilian aid activists that were carrying humanitarian relief to the people of Gaza who have been oppressed and deprived of their most basic rights and those activists were aiming to open up an aid corridor in Gaza by lifting the 4-year-old blockade.

Israel has killed… Again, killing is what it does the best. However, as one of the Ten Commandments ordered: “Thou Shalt Not Kill”.

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has put up a new website commemorating and explaining the murderous attack on 31st of May which targeted over 700 humanitarian aid activists from 36 countries and from all continents, religions and beliefs. You can find an excerpt from the “Message To Humanity” part of the website that honors the legacy of the Freedom Flotilla sailing towards love and brotherhood:

We, as all the good people of the world, are coming together to change this bloodthirsty heritage extending from history to this day.

Gaza should be a symbol for us. Let’s think about it… For a moment, let’s think as if we are all Gazans. Let’s think as if we are a bird in its cage yearning for freedom, a bird that pushes the horizons with its eyes, a bird that feels the pain of isolation, a bird that is upset with the world’s ignorance. Let’s put ourselves in a father’s shoes, an unemployed father whose family cannot meet their most basic needs, a mother who is trying to find medicine for her sick child, let’s put ourselves into shoes of hundreds of thousands who cannot build their homes, schools and hospitals because they do not have access to construction supplies.

That does not feel alright, because we are good people. Because we are the ones wishing well for everyone and everything living on every centimeter square of the planet earth. We wish good things for our neighbors. That is why we share what’s on our table. We want to share all the good things.

Now, from Latin America to the Far East, good people are on the streets. Because they knew that the Freedom Flotilla was on its way to Gaza loaded with peace and solidarity. They were sure that flowers of friendship were going to blossom in Gaza on the young trees carried onboard the ships. They were foreseeing the joy and happiness on the faces of children as they would play on the children’s playgrounds which would be set up on the streets of Gaza. People are on the streets now, because they are angry and hurt by Israel’s refusal of holding on to the olive branch extended to it, symbolizing peace, by Israel’s pure arrogance and lack of level headed behavior.

7 billions of people! We should promise! Gaza has become our conscience now. We are all children and the elderly of Gaza. We all want the rusty nails to be removed from the doors of Gaza. All our eyes are seeking happy children on the streets of Gaza, Palestine.

7 billions of people! Again, we should promise! Because Gaza will either prevent other Gaza-like disasters from happening or once again we will be destroyed by new Gaza-like situations all over the world. Which one would you prefer?

The website can be accessed through IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation’s official site as well:


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