IHH is going to help the refugees in Iraq
IHH will go to Iraq on Tuesday to help the Arabs, Kurds, Turkmens and Ezidis who have fallen to a refugee status due to the attacks in Kirkuk and Duhok.
Iraq 13.08.2014

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation is continuing their relief work in Iraq, after sending 20 trucks of humanitarian aid as a convoy and the observer delegation in the month of Ramadan. On Tuesday the 19th of August, IHH teams that will go to Iraq will deliver supplies to the Arab, Kurd, Turkmen and Ezidi community who are now refugees due to the attacks.

Due to the attacks in Iraq the people living in the Makhur and Guver towns have fled to the Sengal mountains. Following the clashes pershmerga captured Makhur and Guver, and formed a security corridor, majority of them being Ezidis people have been passed through here and placed in Duhok.


IHH teams will distribute 120 thousand dollars worth of food, bedding, blankets and rugs to the refugees that have been placed in a safe place in Duhok who have come from Sengal, Tal Afar and Mosul.

IHH will also set up a soup kitchen in Duhok the soup kitchen that will serve for a month will provide a thousand people breakfast and hot meals every day.


The crisis that has begun with ISIS invading Mosul is still continuing to adversely affect the Kurd and Turkmen regions. IHH who has been continuing their assistance since day one in Iraq, will deliver the Turkmen refugees who have fled to Kirkuk after the attacks with a thousand food packages.

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