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IHH Launched Ramadan Aid Campaign in the Balkans

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation is going to distribute 10.000 food parcels and throw grand iftars for 4.500 people in the Balkans.

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation started its Ramadan campaign off in Kosovo and Macedonia.

IHH Board member Osman Atalay stated that IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation like every other year is going to deliver food hampers and parcels to the needy across the world during the month of Ramadan. Atalay also reported that the foundation started handing out alms, al-fitra, and zakat to 130.000 needy people in 27 countries since day one in Ramadan. Moreover the foundation is going to give away eid outfits to 57.000 children in 36 countries.

231.000 EUR Budget

Osman Atalay announced that iftar events are going to be held in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Preshovo, Sandjak, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary during the month of Ramadan. In conjunction with Ramadan aid campaign 10.000 food parcels that cost about 231.000 EUR are going to be distributed and iftars will be served to 4.500 people.

Aid Shall Continue

IHH started its Ramadan aid campaign in Kosovo and Macedonia and delivered food, eid clothes and food aid to war veterans’ families and orphans’ families in Prizren and Mamusha towns in Kosovo. IHH will continue aid distribution in Pristina and Rahofca regions.

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation is going to deliver Ramadan food aid packages to 300.000 families in 104 countries around the world.

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IHH’s Ramadan Aid Reaches Vietnam
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation delivered food-hampers for Ramadan to Muslims in Vietnam. IHH is going to throw grand iftars of 3.000 people during Ramadan.
Ramadan Hampers Customized for Orphan Children
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation is going to distribute 30.000 Ramadan hampers customized for children that contain biscuits, wafers, cakes, chocolates, crackers, candies, children’s magazines, and color pencils.
IHH Delivers Food Aid to 400 Syrian Families
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation delivered food aid to 400 needy Syrian families living in Kilis, Turkey.