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IHH mobile kitchen, medical trailers at Babussalam Border Gate

A mobile kitchen and two medical trailers which belong to the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation are offering services to the Syrian refugees at Babussalam Border Gate in Syria.

A 50-member IHH aid team is offering help to Syrian refugees at the border in Kilis province and Syria’s Babussalam Border Gate.

IHH aid teams continue to offer various relief efforts for Syrian refugees in Syria.

50-member aid team working in Kilis and Babussalam Border Gate

A 50-member IHH aid team continues to offer relief services in Kilis and Babussalam Border Gate in Aleppo’s Azez town.

IHH is providing crucial relief to the victims of the unrest in Syria and Syrians who were injured in the ongoing violence in the country.

IHH mobile kitchen delivers hot meals twice a day

IHH’s mobile kitchen delivers hot meals to the 6,000 Syrian refugees twice a day who stay at the Babussalam Border Gate.

IHH set up 14 mobile toilets and 14 bathrooms for refugees at Babussalam Border Gate

IHH has also set up 14 mobile toilets and 14 bathrooms for Syrians who live under very difficult circumstances at Babussalam Border Gate.

IHH medical trailer offers free-of-charge health services and medication  

IHH, which has been offering free medical services in Hatay-Reyhanlı on a medical trailer, has also begun to offer free medical services to Syrians in Babussalam. So, IHH’s two medical trailers and one mobile kitchen are currently offering services to the Syrians.

Syrian refugees are examined, treated and given the necessary medication for free in the medical trailer in Babussalam. There are ear nose and throat specialists, general healthcare specialists and gynecologists in the trailer who offer treatment in their own fields to the refugees. The medics in the trailer also monitor diabetes and high blood pressure patients in addition to the growth of children. They also offer cancer and epidemics screening tests in addition to providing moral support to the refugees. All the healthcare services and medication offered by IHH’s medical trailer are free of charge.

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Latest News from Humanitarian Relief

Aid for Stranded Travelers
IHH delivered humanitarian aid to the people who are mostly Algerian, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan citizens, stranded at Istanbul Airport because of flight cancellations due to the Coronavirus.
Coronavirus measures in the camps in Syria
IHH briefed civilians living in the refugee camps in the rural area of Idlib, Afrin and Azaz regions in Syria on the Coronavirus, and also carried out health checks and distributed hygiene kits to 30.000 people.
Aid for 10,000 Yemeni families
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation distributed food, bread, blankets and coats in Yemen, where the crisis still continues. 10 thousand families benefited from this aid.


  • 10 million TL aid for displaced workers
    IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation Chairman Bülent Yıldırım announced that 10 million TL aid will be distributed to families who have lost their jobs or work as daily laborers. Yıldırım said, “In IHH we are fulfilling our responsibility, and we are calling the people of Turkey to join this aid campaign.”
  • Humanitarian aid for Gaza continues
    IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation distributed hot meals to 400 people in Gaza’s COVID-19 quarantine centers. In addition, IHH also delivered cash aid to families of those who died or were injured in the fire that broke out in the market of the Nusayrat Refugee Camp area.
  • Humanitarian aid for Bangsamoro
    IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation distributed food aid to 500 families in the Cotobato city, Bangsamoro to help them cope with the coronavirus epidemic.
  • Humanitarian aid for Kosovo
    IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation delivered 400 food packets to families that are unable to work due to the Coronavirus in Kosovo.
  • Humanitarian aid to refugees in Edirne
    IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has continued to deliver humanitarian aid to refugees waiting at the border in Edirne to cross over to Europe since 28 February 2020.