IHH Sends 22 Aid Trucks to Northern Iraq
IHH Humanitarian Relief Organization in collaboration with Qatar charity organizations sends 22 trucks loaded with emergency aid supplies to Northern Iraq.
Iraq 26.01.2017

The chaos that started with the American invasion of Iraq continues in the country. The Iraqi people have been internally displaced thus become refugees in their own country. The law and order have totally crashed while the sectarian conflicts have erupted creating mayhem. The region is far from safe now.

In such chaos civilians prefer moving to relatively safe places. IHH Humanitarian Relief Organization da in collaboration with Qatar Khairiyah Organization and Munazamah Dawah Islamiyah Qatar office reached out to the internally displaced people from Mosul. IHH sent 22 trucks carrying humanitarian supplies to be delivered to people who fled from Mosul to Duhok, Erbil and Kirkuk in Iraq.



The trucks carrying 30,000 blankets, 7,500 straw mats, 1,250 flasks, 150 tons of bulgur, 75 tons of pasta, 50 tons of flour, and 6,600 mattresses will make a stop-over in IHH`s Kilis coordination center. The aid campaign also involves the purchase and distribution of 750 stove heaters and 175,000 liters of gasoline for them in the region.



IHH Vice President Hasan Aynacı commenting on the 22 aid trucks headed to Iraqs said, "I would like to thank Khairiyah Organization and Dawah Islam Organization for their support to the humanitarian aid convoy. Just like how we went to help our Kurdish brothers in Sulaimaniyah before, how we went to help our Arabic brothers in Fallujah, how we went to help our Turkmen brothers in Kirkuk, today we will help our brothers from Mosul among whom are Arabs, Kurds and Turkmens. We cannot remain deaf to their cry for help.”

IHH Humanitarian Relief Organization has previously delivered 6,000 blankets to internally displaced people from Mosul.

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