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IHH supports captive exchange in Syria

With the leadership of IHH humanitarian diplomacy council 464 wounded captives were swapped between Assad forces and opposition groups in Syria.

With the leadership of IHH humanitarian diplomacy council 464 wounded captives were swapped between Assad forces and opposition groups in Syria.

IHH, which has been doing humanitarian work in Syria for 5 years, continues trying to deliver civilian population who is trying to survive under bombs. Apart from being the humanitarian relief organization that delivers the biggest among of aid in the region IHH also coordinates humanitarian diplomacy activities.

As a result of humanitarian diplomacy effort of IHH the wounded people most of whom are pro-Assad in Idlib’s Fuad, which is surrounded by opposition groups were simultaneously swapped with the wounded in Zabadani, a countryside off Damascus, which is surrounded by Assad forces.

Hundred and seven injured and six bed-ridden patients with their 125 attendants were taken out of Fuad while sixty patients with their sixty six attendants were taken out of Zabadani.

The wounded from Zabadani will come to Turkey via Lebanon

With the collaboration between Turkish and Lebanese governments and the support of OCHA, ICRC, and SARC the injured who were taken out of the areas under bombardment are transferred to Turkey and Lebanon for their medical treatment.

The wounded patients and their attendants from Zabadani will be transferred to Turkey. Those from Fuad will be transferred to Lebanon with Turkish Airlines flight.

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