IHH Team left for Japan
The IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation sent a rescue team of 5 to the Japan where hit by the 5th greatest earthquake throughout history. Our team will visit the disaster zones and attend search and re
Central Asia 11.03.2011

Before the team flew to Osaka city of Japan, a press meeting held at the Ataturk Airport International Terminal. IHH deputy chairman Yaşar Kutluay "We sent our team to Japan which also went to Haiti due to the earthquake and to Pakistan due to the floods and lastly went to Tunisia and Libya due to the recent developments. Our team will contact with Japanese authorities to organize relief works. Our team will bring sonar system and search and rescue equipments."

Kutluay stated that the IHH teams in Malaysia, Indonesia and Pakistan will be also routed to Japan.

Kutluay said "It is our turn now to pay our duty of loyalty." by referring the Japanese help to Turkey during Marmara earthquake in 1999.

Humanitarian crisis deepens

8,9 magnitude earthquake hit Japan. The earthquake and following tsunami caused the death of around 400 people and hundreds are reported as lost. It is announced that radioactive steam will be released from the Fukushima radioactive plant in order to decompress the increasing pressure. Tsunami waves moving with the speed of 500km per hour reached to Hawaii shores after seven and half hours. The most damaged places are Miyagi region at the northeast coast and the Sendai city. Sendai, in which around 300 bodies revealed after the withdrawal of floods, hit by 10-meter-high tsunami waves. Up to now, 60-70 people were evacuated from the city. Another 110 people were also reported as dead by the officials, besides 544 were injured.        

Fires were started at the Miyagi region after the earthquake and tsunami disasters. The size of the fire is revealed clearly after the weather got dark.

Thousands of people are concerned to be dead due to the 8.9 magnitude earthquake.

The tsunami alarm issued the coastal countries of Pacific Ocean.

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