IHH teams heal the wounds on the Libyan border
Teams from the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation that travelled to Libya following the outbreak of the public protests in the country have launched relief efforts at the Resul Cedil Border Gate locat
Africa, Egypt, Tunisia 25.02.2011

In cooperation with the Tunisian Red Crescent and Civillian Defense Teams, IHH teams are providing food packages, hot meals, drinking water and blankets to Turks and people from other nations who are trying to go to their countries over neighboring Tunisia. Those coming Libya from undergo medical screening examinations at a clinic established at the border.

The turmoil in Libya rises each and every passing day. Pro-Gaddafi protestors took to the streets with weapons, which increased the clashes further. The IHH which has been carrying out relief efforts in the region with its parner foundation since the beginning of the public unrest sent a six-member aid to team to the region after the incidents went out of control. The team members were divided into two, one went to Egypt, the other one went to Tunisia and stepped up relief efforts at the borders.

Poeple rush to flee Libya

Recep Güzel, IHH Emergency Aid Coordinator who organizes the relief efforts in Libya said the Libyan security forces are creating difficulty for people who want to flee the country and people are made to wait at the customs for days. "People are rushing to flee Libya but Libyan security forces are arbitrarily not allowing them to leave the country. The Tunisian-Libyan border is under the control of Gaddafi's soldiers. Gaddafi's soldiers do not allow injured people to enter Tunisia. They force people who go out of the country to find blood for their injured relatives to donate blood. Personal belongings of the people are plundered. 250 Turks who are made to wait at the Libyan border have not yet entered Tunisia due to the arbitraty decision of the Libyan security forces. The Libyan border is closed at 8 p.m.," he said.

IHH team entered Libya

In the meantime, one of the IHH teams managed to enter Libya along with another aid team which includes Egyptian doctors. In coordination with the Egyptian doctors, the IHH team will perform medical screening examinations and carry out emergency relief efforts there.


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