Israeli bombardment inflicts $1.2b Gaza damage
Gaza minister said the damage inflicted on the region in 10-day long Israeli strikes was more than a billion dollars.
Palestine, Palestine - Gaza, Middle East 25.11.2012

Mofeed Mokhallalati, Gaza Health Minister, met a team from IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation at his office and thanked Turkey and IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation over their support. He stated that Gaza suffered extensive damage during the Israeli bombardment.

The Gaza minister called the ceasefire a success for their government but added the region was inflicted a huge damage. He put the damage at $1.2 billion and said it could rise further.

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Mokhallalati stated Israel used certain weapons for the first during the bombardment of Gaza. “We witnessed that different weaponry was used during the last attacks. The killed and wounded people brought to hospitals prove this fact. Some of the martyrs had all their internal organs exploded without any sign of bleeding. Some were too burnt to be identified and some others had their bodies shattered to pieces. The killed and wounded had certain wounds that we had not witnessed before. They probably tested new weaponry they developed on us.”


In the attacks on Gaza, 170 were killed and 1,270 were wounded, and Gaza hospitals are in dire need of medical equipment, Mokhallalati said. He stated that certain items of equipment could not be procured because of the embargo. “As always civilian population suffered the most damage in the attacks. Half of the 170 victims and 65% of 1,270 wounded inhabitants are civilians. We depleted most of our medicine supplies. Many countries, particularly Egypt, sent us medicine supplies. I would like to thank IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation. It provided us with a major supply of medicine during the climax of the bombardment. We still need medicine supplies but more importantly we need certain medical equipment. The existing ones are no longer functioning and we cannot have them fixed due to lack of spare parts.”

According to reports sent in by IHH team in Gaza, 500 houses were completely destroyed and 1,000 damaged in the bombardment. One school was destructed and four schools as well as four mosques suffered damages. Twenty government buildings were also destroyed in the strikes.

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