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'Istanbul Mosque' in Senegal

The Istanbul Mosque built in the village of Rifsek connected to the town of Dakar has been put into service.

IHH teams who have gone to Senegal within the Qurban organisation started by IHH have put the 'Istanbul Mosque' into service. The construction of the 'Istanbul Mosque' in the village of Rifsek connected to the town of Dakar in Senegal had started in the month of January, 2013 and has finally finished.

The mosque has been constructed over 99 m2 with the capacity of 198 people.

The mosque will also serve as Quranic course for children of the village.

Humanitarian Relief Kategorisine Son Eklenen Haberler

Aid to 11 thousand yemenis
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation delivered humanitarian aid to almost 11 thousand victims and deprived people in Yemen where the humanitarian crisis is continuing.
Aid to Palestinians in Lebanon
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation delivered winter aid to 2.500 Palestinian refugee families struggling to survive in various regions of Lebanon.
Stoves for the Aggrieved
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation delivered coal stoves and fuel aid to civilians living in the refugee camps of Syria’s Idlib and Aleppo.


  • Appeal for Idlib from Chairman Yıldırım
    IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation Chairman Bülent Yıldırım visited the camp where families that fled from the southern rural area of Idlib, Syria were settled, and made an appeal for emergency aid for the civilian victims of war.
  • A Visit to IHH from Copenhagen University
    A group of students and academics from the Copenhagen University International Social Services department visited IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation’s headquarters.
  • Our teams both searched and rescued
    Throughout 2019, IHH Search and Rescue teams, together with 1.905 volunteers, carried out search and rescue missions as well as trainings to prepare them to face potential disasters.
  • Tents for Idlib families
    IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation provided shelter aid to 135 families forced to migrate to Azaz on the Turkish-Syrian border due to air attacks carried out in the north Idlib in Syria.
  • Aid to Indonesian victims
    Heavy rains that began last week in Indonesia caused major floods and landslides. IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation initially delivered emergency aid to 3 thousand Indonesian victims.