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Protocol with the King Salman Foundation

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation signed a 4 million dollar agreement with Saudi Arabia’s King Salman Humanitarian Aid Foundation for the distribution of aid to Syrians that are the victims of war, and Rohingya Muslims in Bangladesh and Myanmar.

In addition to iftar meals, education, sponsorship of orphaned families and reconstruction works in Syria, the 4 million390 thousand 829 dollar agreement signed between IHH and the King Salman Foundation, also included iftar projects for the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar and Bangladesh.


6 separate agreements in total

Maruf Samua, IHH Project Manager, said that 6 agreements were signed to help the people experiencing hardships in Syria, Myanmar and Bangladesh. Samua, who explained that these agreements cover various aspects of aid, ranging from stationary aid to employment and from Ramadan aid to caring for orphaned families, provided this information regarding the agreements:

“Due to the war in Syria, 3 million children are deprived of education. With the 1 million 500 thousand dollar aid agreement we will be signing today, the necessary stationary needs in Syrian schools will be met. 71 thousand 251 students will benefit from this project. It is estimated that 500 thousand people have lost their lives and thousands of children were orphaned due to the war in Syria. These people have a huge need for shelter and food aid. With the 266 thousand 666 dollar agreement that includes the sponsorship of Syrian orphans, this will meet the yearly needs of 44 Syrian orphaned children. 6 million people were forced to abandon their homes there due to the war. At the present, 3 million Syrian refugees live in Turkey. One of the main problems for the refugees, who lost everything they owned, is unemployment. With the 724 thousand 163 dollar development project, one of the agreements that will be signed today, this will generate 245 small employment projects for the Syrians living in Turkey and Syria. 1 thousand 470 individuals will benefit from this project.” 

Samua also explained that IHH will be distributing iftar meals and Ramadan packets to the needy living in Syria, Bangladesh and Myanmar. He said that with the 700 thousand dollar agreement, IHH will be distributing a total of 22 thousand 421 food and Ramadan packets in Aleppo, Hama, Latakia and the rural areas of north Humus in Syria. Samua, who said 114 thousand 947 people will benefit from this aid, added that there are a huge numbers of Muslims experiencing hardships due to the events occurring in Myanmar.


The project will be implemented for emergency needs

In his speech at the signing ceremony in Gaziantep, Nasir Al Subay, Deputy Chief of the King Salman Emergency Aid Department explained that they were making every effort to provide aid to Muslims who are facing hardships. In this context, Subay, who said he came to Gaziantep to sign agreements that included shelter, education and food aid for Syrians, and Ramadan and iftar aid to the Arakan Muslims added, “These aid agreements totaling 4 million 390 thousand 829 dollars will be spent to meet the emergency needs of those experiencing hardships. We would like to thank the Turkish people and government for their humanitarian support for the Syrian people. I would also like to thank the Saudi people and government for their support. I sincerely pray that the difficulties these people are facing will end immediately.”


Agreements were signed

Following the speech, the agreements were signed by Yavuz Dede, IHH General Secretary and Nasir Al Subay, King Salman Foundation’s Deputy Chief of Emergency Aid.

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