A healthcare center for Mali
IHH opened the Kazım Cemile Erdem Healthcare Center that would benefit 3.000 people living in the Kayi Village in the city of Taveren, Mali.
Mali 12.11.2020

In addition to humanitarian aid operations, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation also continues to bring a ray of hope to the oppressed and aggrieved with its permanent works all over the world. IHH is continuing to build permanent works including healthcare centers, schools and mosques for the oppressed and aggrieved that are deprived of healthcare, education and worship access in various geographies. As a part of these efforts, IHH opened the Kazım Cemile Erden Healthcare Center in Mali.


This healthcare center that would benefit 3.000 people was constructed in the Kayi Village in the city of Taveren, Mali. The building consists of a reception, patient registry/consultancy room, doctor’s rooms, nurse’s rooms, examination rooms and a pharmaceutical room.


Treatment facilities will increase

People particularly living in the rural areas of Mali are deprived of healthcare services. These people who do not have access to even the simplest medical treatment, cannot recover swiftly because they are unable to receive sufficient healthcare services. With this healthcare center, we aim to increase treatment facilities at least for the people living in the Kayi Village.     


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