Mavi Marmara books published
The Gaza Freedom Flotilla that attempted to break the Israeli blockade on the region from sea and deliver aid to the Gazan people who have been forced to live without the most basic necessities came u

Israeli commandos opened fire on hundreds of aid volunteers from dozens of countries, killing nine Turkish activists and wounding tens other. The attack on the 31 May 2011 is regarded as a milestone in the world history.

IHH Book has compiled details of this globally influential civilian initiative, namely the Gaza Freedom Flotilla movement, from the beginning to the unfortunate attack time and the following process, including interviews with the activists in the books “Mavi Marmara/Gaza Freedom Flotilla” and “Witnesses of the Freedom Flotilla, Interviews with Passengers.” 

Recorded in literature as “Mavi Marmara attack,” the incident is shared with readers in the “Mavi Marmara/Gaza Freedom Flotilla” book with accounts of the survivors and little-known details. The book elaborates, using first-hand sources, on reasons behind organization of the Freedom Flotilla, preparations for the flotilla, the voyage, the attack time, post-attack process and many more details as well as witnesses of organizers and flotilla participants.

The book also writes how humanity acting with common mind, common conscience and common language reacted globally to the attack on the Freedom Flotilla, one of the most violent attacks in the 21st century. The work compares the report of the International Fact-finding Mission of the UN Human Rights Council with reports produced by the Turkish National Research and Investigation Commission and Israel’s Turkel Commission, and draws attention Israeli violations of international law.   

Zahide Tuba Kor, who had interviews with the activists onboard the Gaza Freedom Flotilla to deliver aid to the region’s embargoed people, compiled her interviews in the book FREEDOM FLOTILLA THROUGH LANGUAGE OF GLOBAL CONSCIENCE – Interviews with Passengers.

The 39 participants of the Freedom Flotilla give sincere answers to questions regarding their story of joining the flotilla and their hopes for the journey; the striking events they lived through or witnessed during the Israeli attack, afterwards at Ashdod Port, in prison vehicles, in prison cells and at the airport; reactions they received on their return to their countries; their opinions of the success of the flotilla, international legal process and Israel; what the Mavi Marmara meant to them; their reaction to propagations by Israel and Israel-allied actors against the Freedom Flotilla, Mavi Marmara passengers and Gaza. The book contains interviews with 39 activists including Sheikh Raed Salah, Osama Qashoo, Ayşe Sarıoğlu, Laura Arau Crusellas, and Dimitris Pleionis.    

IHH Book is hoping, with these works that gives every detail of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, to communicate the proof of how humanity could become a united voice against injustice and lack of justice, and contribute to world peace.  

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