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MotoBosna at Srebrenica Memorial

MotoBosna team organized by IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation reached Bosnia after a 4-day travel on land route and participated in Srebrenica memorial events.

The ream with world champion Turkish motorcyclist Hamza Sofuoglu set off from Sakarya on 6th of July and drove past Istanbul, Edirne, Kavala, Thessalonica, Skopje, Prizren, Skodra, Podgorica, Sarajevo to reach Srebrenica.

MotoBosna team gathered together with 500 motorcyclists who drove from all over the world for this occasion in Bosnia’s capital Sarajevo. The team participated in memorial events along the road to Srebrenica and passed Turkish people’s regards to the local Muslim communities.

MotoBosna team also attended the fateful trekking from Tuzla-Srebrenica that survivors had run for their life during the massacre. The team entered Srebrenica with trekkers of dozens of kilometer long Peace March (Març Mira).

MotoBosna team was received warmly in the villages along the road leading to Srebrenica and arrived at the memorial site in the evening to spend the night there.


Srebrenica’s 22nd Anniversary Events

In 22nd anniversary of Srebrenica massacre 71 victims who have been identified through DNA tests have been interred following the funeral ceremony. When they received their dead loved ones and carried out the funeral prayers their families mournfully cried with the pain and longing they suffered for 22 years.


What Happened in Srebrenica?

In July 1995 Serbians carried out the biggest genocide since World War 2 in Europe. In a matter of five days Serbian forces killed 8.372 Bosnians in Srebrenica.

Thousands of Bosnians who fled Serbs’ attack took shelter in Srebrenica, which was named as “safe zone” and defended by 400 Dutch Peace Corps. 25.000 internally displaced Bosnians were placed in a battery factory in Potacari a few kilometers off of Srebrenica. On 11th July Dutch delivered thousands of vulnerable Bosnians to Serbian forces led by Ratko Miladic also known as “Serbian Butcher”. Serbs separated all into two groups; all men and boys above age 12 were loaded on to the trucks to be taken to their death while women were raped.


1029 Victims Still Undiscovered

Despite 22 years that passed after that bloody genocide some families are still waiting to find the bodies of their loved ones and hold the funeral of their husbands, sons, fathers and brothers. The hopes are fading away as bodies of 1029 victims are still undiscovered.


Team is Back on July 15

MotoBosna team will be back in Istanbul on 15th July in order to attend the commemorate events for the failed coup last year.


Next Year Again

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation is planning to organize MotoBosna motorcycle convoy every year and to make it bigger next year. As you know IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation was established to delivery aid and alleviate the suffering of Bosnians during Bosnian War.



Human Rights Kategorisine Son Eklenen Haberler

Silent screams of conscious women
The Convoy of Conscience that departed from Istanbul in an aim of ensuring the release of the imprisoned Syrian women reached Hatay. Women participants raised a silent scream to the world from the Syrian border.
The Convoy of Conscience departed from Istanbul
The Convoy of Conscience, organized with the aim of demanding the release of Syrian women held in Assad’s prisons, departed from Istanbul. The ultimate goal of the convoy is to reach Hatay and appeal to the world.
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A ‘Convoy of Conscience’ will leave from Istanbul, traveling to Hatay on March 6 aimed at demanding the release of women held in Syrian prisons. General information regarding the convoy was released to the public with a press statement.


  • War Weary Syrians Produce Rag Doll
    The income of rag dolls, produced in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center which was opened by IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation and supported by Canik Municipality will also be spent for the disabled Syrians.
  • Collaboration on Fighting Against Addiction
    A protocol of cooperation to take joint action in fighting against addiction was signed between Turkish Green Cresent Society and IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation.
  • Humanitarian aid to thousands of Afrin people
    Since the beginning of Operation Olive Branch, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has been a source of hope for thousands of civilians by delivering humanitarian aid to the aggrieved people living in the center of Afrin, and towns that were cleansed of terror.
  • Winter aid to 7 countries in the Balkans
    IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation delivered winter aid to 7 countries in the Balkans, distributing food, provisions and other basic needs to almost 5 thousand people.
  • Statement regarding the Mavi Marmara ship
    Following events, the Mavi Marmara ship has been docked for a fee in the ports of our country for 8 years.