New cataract surgeries in Ethiopia
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation have performed 1,500 cataract surgeries in Ethiopia.
Ethiopia 08.05.2014
One of the most important projects for IHH, the cataract surgery project is continuing on at full speed. Most recently there have been new eye examinations and surgeries.
Within the scope of IHH and its local partner Charity and Development Association (CDA), 1,000 surgeries were performed in the Halaba district and jointly with the Fitsum Birhan Eye Hospital, 500 surgeries were performed in the Ejere district, bring in the total amount of 1,500 surgeries, restoring eyesight for those with cataract related vision issues.
Cataract is a disease known to many elderly around the world, where the lens within the eye loses its clarity and gradually the vision becomes cloudy. When not treated, it eventually leads to blindness.
The hot weather, poor nutrition and climatic conditions lead to many younger Africans losing their eyesight. With insufficient eye doctors and inadequate treatment facilities added to this, many patients are trapped in darkness without the opportunity for surgery.
IHH along with its partners has concentrated on areas where the population have a lot of cataract problems.
The surgery takes no longer than five minutes restoring eyesight and light to those with this disease. For those who wish to donate, 200 TRY per person is all it takes for the surgery restoring light to a world of darkness.
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