NGO representatives visit Dadaab
The IHH, which has been playing a significant role in fighting famine in Somalia, showed representatives of civil society organizations the situation in Dadaab camp. IHH officials and the representati
Somalia 10.09.2011

As part of a one-week program, representatives from different civil society organizations and a member of parliament visited Kenya’s Dadaab refugee camp where the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has been carrying out relief works.

Halit Ortaköy, deputy president of Memursen, Yusuf Aydın, representative of the WEFA Humanitarian Relief Organization, İDDEF member Resul Uçar, İhya-Der member Erhan Erdem, Batman Özgür-Der chairman Şefik Sevim, Vuslat-Der representative Kenan Çiftçi and AK Party MP for Batman Ziver Özdemir took part in the visit to the camp.

The group joined food pack distributions to 5000 families in three areas for three days and spoke to members of the Association of International Doctors about their health works in the region. The delegation made a visit to a nearby village and was well received by village residents. The group found out here that they were the first foreigners to visit the village and learnt that Somalis had migrated here five decades ago because of a similar drought wave and were still living in hard conditions.   

The civil society representatives and MP Özdemir highlighted the significance of IHH efforts for local people after seeing on site the foundation’s relief activities and thanked IHH emergency aid team for carrying out relief efforts in crisis situations.

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