Response to fire disaster in Philippines
IHH has moved to relieve the suffering caused a fire disaster in Cotabato.
Philippines, South Asia 31.03.2012

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has begun relief efforts after a fire caused damage in the town of Cotabato, Mindanao in the Philippines.

IHH teams distributed emergency food aid and a number supplies to 400 families who lost their homes to the fire and suffered damage.

The families are experiencing severe hardship since they could not receive adequate support from the Philippine government on account of being Muslim.

The fire that broke out in Cotabato on 12 February caused huge damage. The devastating fire disaster claimed tens of lives, razed 262 houses and affected over 2000 inhabitants. The only thing survivors could save from the fire was the clothes they were wearing at the time.  

The government failed to offer adequate assistance to the affected people since all of them happen to be Muslim. Most of the affected families were refugees who had escaped the ongoing war in the region to settle in the town.

IHH rushed humanitarian assistance to the disaster area right after the fire broke out through its local partner organization. Additionally, IHH teams went to the area and found out emergency needs of the affected families.

Following needs assessment IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation moved to deliver emergency food aid to 400 families. The families were also distributed household goods such as pan, frying pan, bucket, glasses for use at their temporary shelters.

Charitable citizens who wish to help ease the suffering of Philippine Muslims can extend their help through IHH. 

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