Sendai suffers from nuclear threat
Abdullah Camioğlu, a member from the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation’s Emergency Aid Team said Japanese city of Sendai which was most violently hit by last week’s massive earthquake is facing a nuc
Central Asia 15.03.2011

Camioğlu said the level of radiation in the region has been gradually rising and there is only one step before its reaching to the level of Chernobyl.

IHH is the only relief organization in Sendai

A five-member IHH emergency aid team is continuing relief efforts in Sendai. Camioğlu said Sendai has become like a ghost city.

Everyone is fleeing the region

Noting that the radiation level in the city has reached 6, Camioğlu said: “”A second Chernobyl incident is about to take place. People are fleeing Sendai and going to the south. There are people who also escape to higher places. All the oil stations in Sendai are closed. We cannot find oil. We need to spend tonight here. We distributed meal to 800 people today.”

Camioğlu said the people in Sendai were really in a very desperate situation. “There are neither any government officials nor soldiers here. There is no international relief organization, either. People are left to their fate. We would never expect Japan to be in such a desperate situation. There is nothing to eat and drink. Technology giant Japan has become a country of desperation. People are even unable to find a loaf of bread and a bowl of rice. Earthquake, tsunami and radiation leak have devastated the Japanese public.”

Noting that they will distribute aid supplies that will be sent from Tokyo in three trucks, Camioğlu noted that the only humanitarian relief foundation left in Sendai is the IHH.

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