Sri Lanka receives IHH help
The aid teams sent by the IHH to different parts of the world as part of Ramadan campaign arrived in Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. The teams distributed food packs to the needy in Balakerzikelan village
Sri Lanka 01.08.2011

In Sri Lanka, 23 percent of the population is living under poverty line, while the majority of the Sri Lankan Muslims, who constitute seven percent of the population, live in even harder conditions. The IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation delivered foodstuffs to 800 Muslim families in need of help and remembered hundreds of families that were affected by the last tsunami.


The food packs IHH distributed in Sri Lanka contain rice, dates, lentil, sugar, tea, potato, onion, and milk powder. A food pack will suffice a family of five for a month. Orphan children were also given clothes, shoes, bags and stationery sets.


The IHH has laid the foundation for a medical center in Sri Lanka that will be named after the activists killed onboard the Mavi Marmara board and in Afghanistan. As part of the program the foundation provided clothes and stationery sets to 1176 orphan children.


Hundreds of Sri Lankans who received food packs ahead of Ramadan expressed gratitude to the people of Turkey for helping them. They were quite happy and touched by the helping hand extended to them by Muslims of Turkey as they were preparing for the coming of Ramadan. The orphan children who received the presents sent hundreds of miles away from Turkey were quite happy.


The war-weary Afghan people who have been suffering long enough from wars ravaging their countries were pleased to see IHH teams. The aid teams distributed food packs to 300 families in need of help in Balakerzikelan village of Kandahar. 

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